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When You Get Down There Is Always An Up!

Hi. I am Kayden. I own The Kayden Gordon Show. Thank you for taking the time to read this. There have been some ups and downs during the 7 month period managing and becoming a DJ. Some downs include getting let go due to stuff not working out with that station, maybe they do not want me anymore, who knows. That was the main down I have recently had. Also getting let go from my first gig with JParkerRadio as a manager literally sucked. I am very glad and appreciated that I was allowed to still be a DJ with them, but sad that I am no longer an manager with that station. But you know what, that has not stopped me from finding an amazing station called Spectrum 23.9, this station allows anyone to come in and be themselves. This guy who manages this station John Graham, such a great guy. He has a very great radio background and works with Fort Wayne’s best Talk DJ, Pat Miller with WOWO as a producer and also works with ESPN. He’s got some big dreams, and I wanted to take part in this amazing project John has always wanted to accomplish and I am happy I was asked to become manager for Spectrum 23.9. John’s long term goal is to grow Spectrum 23.9, so come check Spectrum 23.9 out, please do because he has helped my courier continue even though I had to leave JParkerRadio. Also, John has also been hoping in ten years, that Spectrum 23.9 had a FM frequency. If you like his cause, if you appreciate him accepting everyone, appreciate him or myself playing your ad or song, and most of all help us grow to own a building. Please consider donating to our 65,000 goal to be able to afford to have a building on our Go Fund Me Page . Any donations are appreciated.

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