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Very Great News To Share!

Hey everyone! Happy Holidays! I have some news to release. Firstly, I will be returning to Music Tower Radio as a part-time position Sundays from 6pm to 8pm beginning January 10th called Today's Best Country with DJ Kayden! I'm also super shocked to hear this on-air from my co-worker & best bestie John Graham that he asked me to be a co-owner of Spectrum 23.9!!! Wow!! Yes, John is fully aware that I have class still, but we will make this work! Of course I said yes, that's a big deal! I could literally cry! Lastly, 2021 will bring a new station!!! Yes, that's right!! A brand new country station will be launched that I will be managing with John!! We have all agreed on this, but the name of the station will be called River Country 47.5 and I will also be co-owner of both Spectrum and River Country! I am super proud and couldn't have done it with my biggest fans, my family, my friends!! Thank you all so much! And also, The Kayden Gordon Show is now on 35 stations!! Whattt!!! That's crazy!!! Thank you all so much!!

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