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The Kayden Gordon Show Goes Big With Interviewing Big Stars

The Kayden Gordon Show has taken some time out to reach out to all different kinds of artists and podcasters for interviews for his show. He has gotten people from all over wanting to be on. For example, Michael Stover, owner of MTS Management Group who is based in Pennsylvania has been a huge help booking some country artists such as Jeremy Parsons and Richard Lynch. Kayden has been also reached out by Nickelodeon to do an interview with actress Havan Flores who plays Chapa/Volt from Nickelodeon’s Danger Force, and The Rees Family, who was in the top 5 of Nickelodeon’s America’s Most Musical Family and also Roselynn Tennent, who is a YouTube vlogger for Family at Heart and we hope to have Jessica Skube from JessFam and Family 5 Vlogs join us as well with big country artists like Luke Bryan, or Lady A. John and I have also reached out to some pop stars such as David Archuleta. We are always looking for new people to interview, and we’ve been emailing people and they appreciate our interest and they all have been so supportive.

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