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Spectrum 23.9 Brings Kayden Gordon and his country into the mix

Over the last few months, Spectrum 23.9 has not only started playing a different genre, but has taken a young guest DJ, Kayden Gordon under their wing. Gordon got his inspiration from listening to Country 102.5, which is a FM country station in Boston, Massachusetts. Once he started listening to 102.5 ‘s midday personality Carolyn Kruse and afternoon personality Jackson Blue, and he wanted to know what it was like to become an actual DJ. While researching on how he could become a DJ, he came across a Facebook radio station group where people could post that they were looking for DJ ‘s to volunteer on their station. Gordon had discovered one of the posts on an online radio station called JParkerRadio, based in Huntington, where owner Jacob Parker allowed him to be on air for the first time.

A month later, Parker did an amazing introduction to MikeDee Ward, who is heard on WMEE on the weekends and Ward owns Lime City Radio Network, which allowed Gordon to volunteer his time there to do a live and syndicated show. When Gordon started with Parker and Ward’s online stations, he was playing a variety mix for the first 3 months he was on air. In January, Gordon’s fans really enjoyed the country music he was playing and Gordon decided to announce on January 13th that he will no longer be a variety DJ and he will be playing country music on January 16th. Gordon says “He really is glad he switched his genre to country, because that’s what the fans wanted and it has helped bring in more listeners.”

Once he switched to country, The Kayden Gordon Show’s newest slogan became Today’s Best Country Mix. The Kayden Gordon Show enjoys and plays all different country music, such as Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, and Sam Hunt. Gordon recently has decided to bring some interviews into the show. He has interviewed Kentucky’s local country singer Russ Stallons and Alabama’s local country singer Neil Dover. He has also interviewed with New York Broadway’s Young Elsa and was also in Our Dear Dead Drug Lord, actress Winter Donnelly . Gordon also interviewed Donnelly’s brother Miles, who went to The University of Chicago and studied Biology and he has created his own band with his sister, called The Muo Duo Band, with their first single Digital Island Resort which was published in June. He has also interviewed with an Indianapolis local artist Kathy Bell, who wrote the lyrics America She’s Crying with Bob McGilpin as the lead singer. After the months have gone by, people kept spreading the word about The Kayden Gordon Show and people have reached out to Gordon, and asking him to play their music on his show, and people have asked him to put his live or syndicated show on there station.

Not only is his show in the United States, but he has his show worldwide such as an online radio station called Belgian Country in Belgium which is owned by Ludo Sterkens and a FM station in Singapore called 973 FM Blast That Last . Sterkens, and many other program directors all over have asked him to have the show playing on their stations. As the word keeps spreading, the listeners have been checking out his show on all the stations he is on and they love the music he is playing. According to Kathy Bell, she says “Kayden plays the best country mix around!” On an average, The Kayden Gordon Show gets anywhere between 10 and 60 listeners almost every time he goes on the air. Gordon says “The Kayden Gordon Show is definitely still in the process of growing, but I am working very hard on promoting and doing things to entertain my listeners” . Gordon has also decided to go on a search for sponsors to be on his show to help pay for equipment that came from Sweetwater Sound and anything else that is needed to keep his show going. Within the first 2 weeks of searching, he finally found someone who was interested in being a sponsor. Kellie Gilmore, who works with Totally Free Gaming who was the first person to become Gordon’s show sponsor.

After meeting Gilmore and having Totally Free Gaming as his sponsor for a few days now, Gordon decided to keep searching and he found some businesses that wanted to give it a go to get their service or product advertised all around the world. His sponsors have had great success by placing an ad with The Kayden Gordon Show. For example , Jami, who is a sponsor for The Kayden Gordon Show, was looking for people to add ADA Compliance to their website. Jami works with people such as the Les Brown Program. Jami says “Kayden has been doing an amazing job looking for sponsors and promoting his show. Very well done.” Also, Tonya Lapsley Cockett, who owns Lady TLC Travel Agency has placed an ad for a year with Gordon and has also been getting some people to reach out to her as well to become a travel agent themselves or book a vacation with Lady TLC Travel Agency. After having great success, Spectrum 23.9 reached out to Gordon asking him if he would be interested in working for them. Gordon said “I would love to work with you and your cause”.

On June 19th, Gordon announced that he will no longer be working with JParkerRadio and become a staff member with Spectrum 23.9 on June 21st. Since then, Gordon really enjoys helping out the staff at Spectrum 23.9 and helping out to launch The Under Age Traing Program to two program locations, Friendship Circle in Michigan for FC Goes Virtual with director Karrah Waganat and The Saint Francis Jester Program in Fort Wayne with director Allison Ballard. With all the success Gordon has had, he hopes to be on more online radio stations within the next 6 months and he also hopes to have more sponsors interested to do an ad on the show. Gordon is also looking for any country singers, or artists that might be interested to be on The Kayden Gordon Show.

If anyone is looking for advertising and would like more information to do advertising on The Kayden Gordon Show, you can email Kayden at and if anyone wants to check out any interviews Kayden has done, all the shows he has done, all the sponsors he has, and any updates he has, visit his website at . Kayden is also looking for country artists to interview, if you would like to submit your music or request an interview, please email

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