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Many Weeks & More Weeks To Come To Self- Isolate

Down here in Massachusetts, we have been self-isolation for 3 weeks now, with schools closed till May 4th, possibly for the rest of the year. As a student, I really enjoy my school day, going from class to class every day, seeing all my wonderful teachers and friends, and most of all,the best part about my day is to go visit the best teacher I could ever had; Ms. Smith! Due to the pandemic, all of that has been paused. Social distancing has been established, staying at home has been advised to everyone all over the world. Now, I know a lot of people hate this "stay at home advisory", trust me I hate it as well. But, if we all do our part and do what officials are telling us to do, the number of cases will go down and we can continue with our lives. Find something you like doing, could it be watching TV? could it be going outside, you can still go in your backyard, you can still go on walks, there is stuff you can do to keep yourselves busy during this time. And, of course gas stations, grocery stores, pharmacies and anything important will remain open at this time. Thank you for reading my blog, my name is Kayden Gordon and I host The Kayden Gordon Show, check out my shows while they air all week! Stay safe everyone and have a great day or night, where ever you are reading!

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