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As Summer Comes To An End, The Kayden Gordon Show Thanks Everyone & Makes New Changes

As I go into my sophomore year in the next couple of weeks, honestly there has been

some bad and good moments during this summer.. Yes. the pandemic messed up a lot for pretty much everyone and it messed up a lot of things I was really looking forward to, and I totally understand that.. but, here's something I can say firstly, i was able discover someone who is doing great things in the community of Fort Wayne, Indiana for those who have disabilities.. This person has been super helpful, sweet, caring, and a great friend to me.. if you didn't know who, his name is John Graham ..I agree that pandemic sucks but this time has given me the opportunity to meet him and also shoutout to the man who rocks most MikeDee Ward who had helped make this introduction. I guess I could say I hate the pandemic a little now haha lol.. I've also gotten to know a brand new friend as well who's got dreams and I truly believe in her dreams and shes gonna get there one day, I just know it and I will be so proud when I see this person on that Opry stage!! That friend would be Kathy Bell.. shes been a sweetheart and has helped support me, Spectrum and the kayden Gordon show alot .. I've also gotten to know some amazing people by including them to be interviewed for The Kayden Gordon show... One being Winter & Miles Donnelly and they just put there own band together called Muo Duo, and I'm so proud of them both because they released there first album called Free Social.. Also very proud and had a pleasure to meet and interview Gabriel Mcderment he is an amazing composer and he is for sure going places with his work... and we cant forget MikeDee, hes the man you hear on Lime City Radio Network, and hes given me an opportunity to be on the air . Down below, there will be an schedule placed on when I will be available. As you know, my schedule will be crazy and school is more important .. Sadly, I had to give up LIVE SHOWS on Lime City Radio Network, but do not worry, no one is taking my place. I will be there if I have the time to do so, if I do not, there will be a prerecording playing.. Since my schedule worked out better on Tuesday evenings, there has been no move for Music Tower Radio except time, starting September 15th, I will be on from 5-7 PM .. To all my interviewers, sponsors., radio stations out there I give you a THANK YOU for all your help!! Attached is a more detailed schedule on when I can be reached starting Sept 14th.. Thanks again !

Kayden Gordon


The Kayden Gordon Show


Courier Plan

The Kayden Gordon Show

Effective on: 9/14/2020

Mondays - will be a FREE day (homework or projects may affect this) if I am needed, I can set office hours from 630-745 PM EST (John Graham will be in touch with me most, so if I’m not available, he will be my go-to person for any questions you may have)

Tuesdays - (if I have the time, I will work on Spectrum 23.9 projects or start pre-recording the show from 230pm to whenever I finish) I do Go LIVE on Music Tower Radio from 5-7 PM (so therefore, I will be busy from 4:30-7:15 pm) can schedule something if needed from 2:45-4:15 or 7:45-8:10 PM)

Wednesdays will be my pre-recording day for The Kayden Gordon Show (I will be working on this anytime after 2 pm to 6pm and try to send out show by 730pm) If anything, Wednesdays are harder to work with due to this) I can work something out depending on what it is, again John Graham, my producer will be available to answer anything after 2pm Monday through Friday)

Thursdays will be a FREE day (unless if have homework etc.) Therefore, I can be reached at 235PM - 750 PM

(if I have time and not busy, MAYBE a LIVE show on Lime City Radio Network OR work for Spectrum 23.9, no guarantees)

Fridays - TBD (text/email inquiries can be whenever, phone calls can be taken when have the time to do so)

Saturdays will now be my break day because of school. Therefore, i can be reached for certain inquires, business inquires will not be answered until Monday)

Sundays The Sunday Remix 2.0 will continue (if our first guest “The Blue Ranger’ continues, 130-3, if he does not continue, 2-3pm)

A Pre Recorded show during that hour is - TBD

Again, if you have any questions, please reach out via social media, text/call at 978-958-0551 or email me at . Also, please note that John Graham, Producer does have availability to answer questions Monday thru Friday after 2pm. He can be reached at 260-402-7591 or at

Thank you for your understanding!

Kayden Gordon


The Kayden Gordon Show

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