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Unitarian Universalist Church of Winchendon's Jill Sackett Invites The Kayden Gordon Show to DJ

The Kayden Gordon Show was invited to DJ Unitarian Universalist Church of Winchendon's first ever lawn fair. The event was success, and it was such an amazing time to finally get out of the house. The event coordinator Jill Sackett, had put together this event on COVID-19 guidelines. Everyone was required to wear masks, and the event had over 30 vendors.

Wanna thank some amazing people for helping this event be possible:

Special Guest : Kathy Bell

Event Organizers: Allan Gordon , Jill Sackett

Equipment and assistance provided by: John Graham

Emergency Equipment Assistance provided by : MikeDee Ward

Local Music by: Muo Duo (Miles & Winter Donnelly) , Dave Caley , Russ Stallons, Neil Dover , Kathy Bell and Overtyme Simms .

Sponsored By : Tracy Wilmer With Simone Accessorizes , Tonya Cockett with Lady TLC Travel Agency, and Steve Bell With Bells Flooring & Demolition

Thank you everyone for your help & support for the event!!

Kayden Gordon


The Kayden Gordon Show

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