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Jordana Bryant - Gulity

Caruso - Dreams

Bob McGilpin & Annemarie Picerno - Night Out

Ariana Molkara - Birdies Gotta Fly

Amy Jack - Stay Breezy Baby

CaptC - Share The Road

Kentucky Banchee - My Music Man

Bailey Perrie - Epic Dating Fail

Angela Easley - Don't Let The Devil Down

Dave Nudo - Fresh Ground

Ron Mallow - Addicted To Haggard & Jones

Andrew Wooten - Cricket's Keep On Talkin

Tyler Joseph - Bottle Of Patron

Jenny Spear - Stay In The Rain

Aaron Bozwell - Spellbound

John Krondes & The Jordanaires - THE END

Jason Carruthers - Don't Sell Australia Out

Wayward Transmissions - Helpless King

Jake & Jenny - Wine & Whiskey

Michael Botte Band - Here We Go

Kimberly Ward - Every Moment

Cassidy-Rae - Lately

Sonny Morgan - John Deere Steering Wheel

Alec Jaymes - One Way Love featuring Brittany Hadley

Beth Holli - Bail Money

Linda Marks - Let There Be Love

Monique Sherrell Brown - Go Back To Your Used To Be

Todd Barrow - My Girl Crush

Lauren Glick - Don't Add Up